DIY Wooden Photo Frame


Had some spare time this weekend and a bit of wish to impress my partner. So went ahead and created these pallet photo frames to flash some of my magic on her..

Items required

One of my mate gave me these pallet planks from their broken bed, which I am going to use in making the photo frames.

Other than that, for this project we need:
Pallet Wood

Protective equipment like:
Face mask : Amazon
Glasses : Amazon
Gloves : Amazon
Sanding Tool : Amazon
Hammer : Amazon
Measuring Tape : Amazon
Handsaw or Chop-saw : Amazon
Knife : Amazon
Pliers : Amazon
Pencil : Amazon
and Paint of your choice : Amazon
VELCRO Removable Picture Hangers : Amazon

Wood Cutting

Since the pallet planks are very well sanded and polished, I did not had to waste my time in sanding an polishing them.
I wanted to keep the size of my frames pretty standard so I cut them into 14"x19" blocks.
Using a chop-saw I cut 45degree angels on both sides of the plank.

Joining The Blocks

Using wood-glue, I am joining all the pieces that I extracted from the pallet planks in the previous step. I added a bit of masking tape to hold the pieces together until they completely dry up.


On my way back from work, I found these amazing pieces of art lying along the roadside. Things like these, really fascinate me.

I painted one of them black and another one brown. Then, using hot-glue I attached them to the base pallet plank. I also glued an artificial flower pot, which I bought from a nearby local shop for $5.  

Putting Up On The Wall

To hang the frame, I am going to use "VELCRO Removable Picture Hangers". By using these, I don't have to drill any hole in the wall, and if the setup doesn't look good here, I can just pull it out and paste it somewhere else in the house. 
So, this how my final setup looks like. Do comment and let me know if there is any scope of improvement.


Thanks again for checking my post. I hope it helps you.
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VELCRO Removable Picture Hangers : Amazon

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Thanks, ca again in my next tutorial.

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