Cute little concrete succulent planter


Had some time this weekend and a desire to make something new and interesting. So, went ahead and created a rainbow succulent planter using a little bit of my creativity and some general purpose cement. 
This is the first time I am creating something using cement; So, it may not be a super awesome one, however I think the end product doesn't look that bad aii...  


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Creating The Mold

To create the mold I am using Brickies Sand. I created a 9cm high, cake like structure for the mold. Be sure to pack the sand well so that it retains the desired shape, when you start carving the shape. You can use a spoon or your fingers to pack the sand well.

Now, using a bucket I created a circular shape on the sand. Then using a Popsicle Stick I created the desired shape along the circular line. Now, using a spoon I removed all the unwanted sand from the mold. Make sure the sand has enough moisture in it as the risk of the sand collapsing is significant, so be very careful.

To create the cup shape for the succulent I superglued a spray-can's cap on a piece of pallet wood. Then I pushed the pallet wood into the sand and using a spoon I removed all the unwanted sand from the mold.

Preparing The Cement

To prepare the mixture I am going to use the commonly used 3:1 mixing ratio. Mixing a small amount of sand and cement in a bucket  like this by hand is not only fast, but very cheap for any small DIY jobs around the house. 
Before mixing the cement please make sure you wear a mask and try to mix it outdoors. When mixing outside please check the wind direction and make sure the wind is blowing away from you and not towards you.
Occasionally rotate the bucket while mixing until you get an even mixture. Then add some water to the mixture. Don't go mad and add a lot of water as I nearly did here.

Pouring The Cement

Next, I slowly poured the diluted concrete inside the sand mold. This step requires a lot of concentration. You have to work very slowly as the risk of the sand collapsing is very high.
Once the cement dried up I removed all the sand and extracted the piece of art from it. Alright, so this is how it looks like.

Adding The Succulents

Succulents are actually very durable and are able to survive in a variety of temperatures, soil and weather conditions due to their resilient nature. So, they were the perfect choice for my planters. I mixed a bit of sand with some home-made potting mix and after adding a bit of water to the mixture I planted the succulents in the rainbow planters. 


So, this how my final setup looks like. Since this is my very first DIY project using cement, I fell very proud of how it finally looks like. Do comment and let me know if there are any scopes of improvement.


Thanks again for checking my post. I hope it helps you.
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