Hi There, I am back again with another simple DIY project. This one, will only cost your time and energy to produce an amazing Planter Box from reclaimed pallet woods.

Step 1: Dismantle Pallet

Picture of Dismantle Pallet
First of all, I am going to dismantle this pallet using two hammers to collect all the wood I need for this project.
Its been raining on an off all day so I will be setting up my workshop again inside the house.

Step 2: Hardware Requirement

Picture of Hardware Requirement
For this project we need:
Pallet Wood
Hand Saw
Measuring Scale
Measuring Tape
Spray Paint of your choice
Other than that we need
A Plastic Sheet
Potting Mix and obviously the Plant

Step 3: The Plan

Picture of The Plan
Picture of The Plan
The plan is to cut 12 blocks of pallet wood 40cm each for the inner section.
Then we will cut 8 blocks 21.5cm each to hold the inner blocks from top and bottom. Next we will cut 8 x 51.5cm blocks for the sides of the planter box. These sides will also serve the purpose of the legs of this box. Once ready all these sides will be joined together to give it the box shape. Then we will put 4 x 40cm blocks at the bottom of the box. For the top section I will cut 2 x 50cm and 2 x 46cms blocks. As my pallets width is 9cm so i will cut the edges of the top blocks by drawing a diagonal of a 9cm square box.

Step 4: Wood Cutting

Picture of Wood Cutting
Picture of Wood Cutting
Picture of Wood Cutting
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Alright, so let's start by cutting the 12 blocks of the inner section. They don't have to be really fancy, as most of it will be staying inside the box.
Now that we have the inner sections ready, its time for us to measure and cut the top and the bottom blocks that will be holding these inner blocks. Next, we are going to cut the 8 x 51.5cm blocks that will be holding the box from all the 4 sides.
After spending few hours I finally have all the blocks ready. Now, its time to join them all together.

Step 5: Joining

Picture of Joining
Picture of Joining
Picture of Joining
Picture of Joining
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Looks like our box is taking its shape.

Step 6: Bottom Section

Picture of Bottom Section
Picture of Bottom Section
Now, its time for us to cut and join the bottom section of this planter box. As the bottom planks will not be visible to the public, so I am going to use those pieces of the pallet wood which are either uneven or broke during the dismantling process.

Step 7: Top Section

Picture of Top Section
Picture of Top Section
Picture of Top Section
Alright, now the final bit. At the edge of the pallet wood draw a 9cm square. Then draw a diagonal inside the square. The diagonal is going to be the angle which we will be using for the side.

Step 8: Painting

Picture of Painting
Now, its time to paint the box. Don't forget to wear a mask and a safety goggles while spraying the paint.

Step 9: Installing the Plant

Picture of Installing the Plant
Picture of Installing the Plant
Picture of Installing the Plant
Picture of Installing the Plant
Look at that, looks awesome, isnt it.
Well, now its time to put a plastic sheet inside this box to prevent moisture and soil from damaging our hard work.
Once the plastic sheet is properly installed pour the potting mix inside the box leaving a bit of room for the plant. Cool, so now lets install the plant inside the box and pour some manure into it. I am adding a bit more of the potting mix to fill the gaps. That's it, now we can water the plant and leave it in the sun for people to watch, like and comment on it.

Step 10: Thanks

Thanks again for watching this video. I hope it helps you.
If you want to support me you can subscribe to my channel and watch my other videos. Thanks ca again in my next video, bye now..


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