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How does earning $20 bucks a month without doing anything sound to you. I know its not a lot, and many people will say f-off mate.
However, earning $20 bucks effortlessly, sounds like a bonus to me.

Of course this will never be a second salary for me, but earning $10 to $20 bucks a month by doing absolutely nothing is not a bad thing, is it?

The Story

I told one of my mate a while ago about this cool app which pays $20 bucks a month for pretty much doing nothing at all. You wont believe, he showed me his middle finger. After a month or so during a conversation he told me, he is making more than $20 bucks a month by creating a big referral chain, using the same app I mentioned to him a while ago... "LoL".

So, what is the buzzword and how does it work?
Before I go ahead let me tell you that if you register using the link provided in the description below (https://r.honeygain.me/BNE1E6E0CD) you will get a $5 bonus to start your journey with this app.

I love crypto and all the hu-ha that happens in the world of crypto. While hunting for a new way of earning some crypto peanuts I bumped into this website. The concept went all over my mind, but I still wanted to give it a shot. I installed the app on 2 of my home computers/servers and guess what within a month I reached the minimum withdrawal limit. I placed an withdrawal request and after 5 days BANG the money was in my PayPal account.

In this video I am going to talk about the Honeygain App. I will also show you:

  • How to install this app

  • How this app works

  • How to check your earning

  • How to earn daily bonus using this app

  • How to refer a friend

  • How to request a payment

  • Modes of payments

  • and finally a proof of payment


How to Start Earning

By installing Honeygain App on your device and running it 24x7 you can start earning passively in just a few minutes.
Follow the link in the description below: https://r.honeygain.me/BNE1E6E0CD to create a free account with Honeygain.
Remember if you signup using my referral link you will receive $5 signup bonus.
Click on the "Claim $5 Now" button to earn the referral reward to kick start your earning journey.
You can use your Facebook or Google Account to signup with this website.

Once you have your account setup go to the "Download" link and download the Honeygain App based on the operating system you have.
Run the installer and login to the app using your username and passwords. That's it, now you can lean back and watch your balance grow.

How Does This App Work?

When I first started using this app I was very paranoid about: how? why? who is using the shared data? will they ever pay me? and more...
I did a bit of research and based on other user experience this is what the app does:

Honeygain lets you make money just by sharing internet.
Businesses uses Honeygain's proxy network for various research and development purposes.
The internet traffic you share is used by trusted partners only, the app itself does not gain any access to your device or the storage.
Your earnings is largely determined by how many devices are connected using different IP addresses you have. The general rule is that the more IPs you're connected to, the more you will earn.
Your network speed and ping also have an effect on your earnings. Best performance will be seen on networks with speeds of 50Mbps and more and Ping of less than 50ms.

So, the key is to have good internet speed and multiple IPs. The app does not access your device or storage at all.

How To Check Your Earnings

You can check your daily earning by logging into the Honeygain's dashboard from either your PC or Mobile.
Click on the "Dashboard" button or bookmark the link and you will see your personal earnings in there.
This section shows you your current earning, under that is the number of active and removed devices. On the top right you see the amount of data gathered or delivered. The more you deliver the more you earn. And this section shows you the number of people you have referred.

You will earn 1 credit for every 10MB of traffic that goes through your devices. So for 10GB of data that you shared, you’ll earn 1USD.

How To Earn Daily Bonus Using This App

By logging into the dashboard everyday you can also earn "Daily Login Bonuses". I have been lucky few times to get a 100 and 50 credit units. However, that happens only once in a blue moon. For sure you will either get 10 or 20 units per day. Well not bad isn't it.

How To Refer A Friend

To maximize your earnings you can do few of these things:
Install Honeygain on multiple devices (Using one device per IP address)
Using the referral program. This way you can earn 10% of all of your referrals' earnings! "sweet"

Earnings can fluctuate from day to day. If you’ve noticed a sharp decrease for a day or two don’t worry. There are two reasons why the traffic might have dropped temporarily:

1) A large number of users suddenly joined the Honeygain in your area
2) Honeygain clients have reduced the traffic demand in your area


How To Request A Payment

Once you have accumulated enough credits you will see this "Request Payout" button on your dashboard.
Hit the button and then chose the mode of payment.

You can withdraw your earnings either via PayPal or Bitcoin.
So far I have always used PayPal, but if you are too keen and love collecting Crypto go for the other option.

A verification code will be sent to your linked email address. Enter that and then just sit back and keep on checking your PayPal account or your Bitcoin Wallet.

Proof of Payment

So, now the interesting bit.
Bang, there you go.

It sometimes takes 5 to 6 days but so far they have always payed me for sharing my Internet.
That's it for now, happy earning and don't forget to sign up using my referral link to get the $5 Signup bonus.
Bye now..

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